by max kulchinsky

“all in a life’s work.”

MAY 1, 2023
9:46 AM ET

The Watcher

I designed a symbol in 2021 called The Watcher. Ever since, I have used The Watcher in my art countless times in hopes of learning more about the symbol itself and why I designed it in the first place. 

While designing The Watcher, I was looking to encapsulate the sense of spirituality found in symbols like the Hamsa. Ultimately, everyone desires to be seen and feel protected, as if something or someone is watching over them. 

Through my practice of incorporating The Watcher into my art, I realized this iconography is meant to be the complete opposite of hate symbols; I want everyone who comes across a Watcher--whether in my art, in public, or even in another artist's work--to feel a sense of belonging and security, rather than the fear many face from other symbols. I am very grateful that people are recognizing and relating to this message.
Selected Watcher Paintings