This year I went full time with my art...

Having taken art more seriously over the last few years, I decided to go all in at the beginning of 2022.

I first started selling my art as NFTs over a year ago, and have been absolutely blown away by the support from friends and complete strangers.

All the pieces available here include a central symbol to my art practice now, "The Watcher."

I first designed The Watcher around a year ago, looking to encapsulate the sense of spirituality found in symbols like the Hamsa. Ultimately, all people desire to be seen and feel protected, as if something or someone is watching over them. 

After much iteration and repetition, the symbol began making its way into my work, first very predominantly in the mixed media piece "TOP OF THE MORNING" (pictured above), which was featured in advertisements all around NYC this summer and sold for 1.3 ETH with a 1/1 NFT. Since then, I have incorporated this symbol in repetitive works--like the ones for sale here--and in other styles, including portraits. 

Through my practice of incorporating The Watcher into my art, I realized this iconography is meant to be the complete opposite of hate symbols; I want everyone who comes across a Watcher--whether in my art, in public, or even in another artist's work--to feel a sense of belonging and security, rather than the fear many face from other symbols. I am very grateful that people are recognizing and relating to this message.

To this point, the only physical works I've sold have been larger scale pieces for $1800-$5100. Now, I have a number of small scale original works ready for new homes! Don't miss your chance to get one for the low :)